The freedom of driving race track around the world

Owning a sports car and driving it on public roads can be excellent fun. Take that same car to a track however, that’s where you will discover what that car is truly capable of. We offer two Track Day concepts to choose from. The first option, Trackday, has a maximum of 36 participants with 4 to 6 hours of driving time. Mostly drivers with limited experience on track and similar cars. Option two, the Exclusive Trackday, works with an average of just 8 cars on track and offers 7 hours of driving time. Experienced drivers only with similar (race) cars. This is effective driving time because we have an open pit lane principle on all of our Trackdays. Find out more about our type of Trackdays below or get in touch with us for a personal meeting to discuss your personal wishes.

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Trackday circuits

Our Trackdays takes place on a various range of race track around Europe, but also on different day parts such as afternoon or evening Trackdays at Circuit Zandvoort. Do you want to find out more about these race tracks, click below. 

Exclusive Trackday Circuits

The Exclusive Trackdays of GP Elite takes place on Circuit Zandvoort, TT Circuit Assen and outside the Netherlands. If you want more track insights, click below for more information.