Portimão Circuit

About the track

When you drive 15 kilometers inland from the Portugese coast there’s this beautiful race track Autódrome Internacional do Algarve, simply called Portimão by most. From the moment this track opened its gates it has attracted many top drivers and teams. It hosts MotoGP and hosted Formula 1 in 2020 and 2021! One of the track’s highlights is turn 1, where you enter the corner downhill after the main straight. The rest of this circuit is a great mix of turns that follow quickly after each other. In other words, you simply keep steering and turning. Height changes add extra drama and this makes you want to master this track lap after lap.

Highlights of Portimão

  • Located in the Portugese Algarve
  • Amazing test circuit in winter
  • Near the coast
  • Modern facilities
  • Wide run off area's
  • Low and high speed corners