Toyota Yaris GR Stoelverlaging / Seat lowering

Toyota Yaris GR

Seat lowering Toyota Yaris GR

It’s a frequently heard issue that the seats of the Toyota Yaris GR are too high. Not only can this cause an uncomfortable seating position in the car, but for drivers who want to drive Trackdays or Rally’s it often prevents them from being able to wear a helmet. Lowering the seats is possible, but in most cases will cause the loss of the original functionalities such as heating, airbags and the option to move the seat forwards and backwards.

In order to tackle this problem, GP Engineering developed a seat frame that is available as a kit. This lowering kit uses the original seat rails, which will be moved inwards. This allows the seat to be placed 2.7 centimeters lower while all original functionalities of the seat remain available. The seating position will be more sporty and the driver will have more space between him and the ceiling. The lower seat position will also lower the center of gravity, meaning the car is more stable and responsive. Additionally, no permanent changes are made to the car. This means the adjustments are reversible and can easily be switched back to the original configuration. The total weight of the seat lowering kit is 7kg. 

€453.72 excl. VAT

Download the installation guide for the driver side.

Download the installation guide for the passenger side.

Stoelverlaging Toyota Yaris GR


  • Lowers seat by 2.7cm
  • All original functionalities of the seat remain available
  • Lowers the center of gravity of the car
  • Creates a more sporty seating position
  • Kit comes with all required hardware
  • Uses the original seat rails

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