GP Elite Engineering runs winning race cars

At GP Elite Engineering our team of motorsport specialists offers a hands down approach in a high tech surrounding. We take care of your car with our top class technical services. Our engineering department runs several winning Porsche Cup cars for Team GP Elite. Besides race, track and rally cars we are also specialized in high performance street cars. We will assist in your purchasing process for new and used cars in these categories. In our workshop we can adjust and modify your car into the car you have in mind. From a single service, to installation of components, to complete projects, we work on cars at the highest level. We want every dedicated driver to enjoy a vehicle to the fullest. Please get in contact and we’ll help you to fulfill your automotive dreams.  

GP Elite Engineering stands for

  • Quality
  • Love for cars
  • One-stop-workshop
  • Best components
  • Preparation at the highest level
  • Sheer driving pleasure

More information about our services

If you have any questions about the possibilities and services we can offer, please get in contact with our engineers below, or use the inquiry form. Please let us know which car you want to discuss and what purpose you have in mind for it. 

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