Drifttraining 2 Weeze

GP Drift

Learning how to drift at high speed. With this training the link towards similar corner speed on a race track will be made. Crucial for a great race car driver is proper handling the car on high speeds. On the former military base at Weeze you’ll learn how to drift up to 120 km/h and as soon you nail it, the smile isn't going anywhere the rest of the day. On track you’ll notice the bunkers and hangars are still there and this makes this proving ground into an incredible place to be. An awesome experience!

Price € 799

Training facts

With a limited number of participants you’ll train for 5,5 hours. The drift circuit is challenging with low and high speed corners. Different grip levels make it very great for learning to control your car while going sideways. An hour of 1-on-1 coaching is included. The goal of this training is getting comfortable during high speed drifting. As soon you notice you are controlling the car into the drift for multiple corners, your confidence will rise and so is your driving pleasure! 

You can sign up for Drifttraining 2 with your own (RWD) car, but we offer the option to rent one of our specially prepared drift cars. These are perfect for drifting. Plus, you won’t have to worry about fuel or tires. You will be coached individually by expert trainers who will make sure the training applies to your specific car and personal goals.

  • Every 3 months
  • 5,5 hours
  • Level 3
  • Learn high speed drifting!
  • Limited number of participants
  • Guidance from the best trainers
  • Respect for each others material
  • A lot of space on track
  • Extensive hospitality and lunch
  • Possibility to rent a prepared drift car
  • Free action photo's afterwards

Time schedule

Welcome and registration
Start program
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Closing and feedback trainer
BMW M3 op Drifttraining 2 Weeze

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During this training you'll get a full understanding of how you need to control your RWD performance car. Please get in contact first if you want to enter this event with at an AWD. Be aware of tyre wear, even though we keep the track fully wet. Drift cars are available for rent. Select a prepared drift car and experience the benefits of our arrive & drive packages. 

BMW E30 325i Rally BMW logo

170 HP
1,000 KG
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BMW 328i Rally

BMW E36 328i Rally BMW logo

193 HP
1,200 KG
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BMW E36 M3 Rally BMW logo

300 HP
1,200 KG
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Molenaar BMW BMW logo

170 HP
1,200 KG
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