Factory race cars

Porsche Customer Racing

GP Elite Engineering runs the factory built race cars for Team GP Elite. With our team of engineers and mechanics we offer a great mix of specialists for modern, high performance and race cars. Our crew members are trained and up-to-date to offer the same support and service as a factory team. This is being underwritten by the continuous technical training programs run by Porsche Motorsport and Manthey Racing. Race cars are being serviced in our workshop in De Rijp, a small town north of Amsterdam. The team itself joins test- and race events to support drivers on track. With a unique approach and the abilities our Engineering department has to offer, both talented drivers as privateers have the opportunity to race within our Autosportladder on factory level. 


Motorsport specialist

GP Elite Engineering is a team of motorsport specialists that, with a no-nonsense approach at the highest level, relieves car and motorsport enthusiasts in the technical field. The engineering department runs the various Porsche Cup cars of Team GP Elite. In addition to racing and rally cars, special street cars are also prepared from the workshop in De Rijp. GP Elite Engineering can also assist you with the purchase of a new or used circuit or racing car. The starting point of GP Elite is always that a driver will enjoy a unique car without any worries.

More information about our services

If you have any questions about the possibilities and services we can offer, please get in contact with our engineers below, or use the inquiry form. Please let us know the car in question and what purpose you have in mind for it. 

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