The key is in the details

Our Engineering department is specialized in set ups for high performance street legal cars that are being used on tracks or during the better road trips on mountain roads, for instance. Chassis optimization is a point where a regular car dealer will stop and where we start. Almost any street legal car is a compromise. Sporty drivers who want to highlight the special characteristics their car has to offer, and or who will increase their car’s performance are limited to specialists who are able to manage their petrolhead dream. With GP Elite Engineering we can offer the benefits of having a one-stop-shop for drivers who won’t take “good enough” for granted. We always start with your personal dream and motivations, so please get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities for you and your beloved sports car.


After a nice drive or Trackday petrolheads start to add a list of adjustments and improvements to their wish list. With a modified car that's a properly set up to your needs so you can enjoy driving your car even more. Our Engineering department facilitates the mounting of suspension parts from our workshop in De Rijp where we can also adjust the car’s settings to your needs. As soon as you have the idea to improve your car you can lose track of all possibilities, products and modification that will suit you. From bespoke solutions to bolt-on parts or kits, with GP Elite Engineering you can go both ways to create a perfectly balanced car that fits your driving style and level. Make an appointment to discuss the possibilities for the improvements on your car.

More information about our services

If you have any questions about the possibilities and services we can offer, please get in contact with the specialists below, or use the inquiry form. Please let us know the car in question and what purpose you have in mind for it.  

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Manthey Racing Service point

As the official Mantey Racing service point in the Benelux we handle all Mantey-related questions and projects for Mantey in this region. Manthey Racing offers complete packages for Porsche drivers who’d take advantage of an improved Porsche for track use or high performance driving. Seasoned drivers can benefit from these purpose built upgrades on both public roads and during Trackdays, because each package is developed with the highest level of craftsmanship and engineering in mind. Therefore Manthey Racing and GP Elite have seen a great opportunity in this overlap to join forces.