Develop your own season!

As a Season driver, you design your own season in consultation with a personal season coach. In this way we make your growth transparent and the set personal goals are realized step by step. With a tailor-made annual planning, the next day of motorsport fun is always ahead and your calendar is set at the beginning of the year.

During the season, a personal file is kept as a guide for your development as a driver. You can join at any level. It’s also perfect for couples who want to make fun and experience the GP Elite "Autosportladder" together, completely unburdened.


Season Coach

As a Season driver, you have intensive contact with your personal coach, the first choice on our events, first choice on GP Cars, more flexible cancellation conditions, you can pick your favorite trainer, you’re automatically invited to Season Only events and other exclusive events. You will also receive a quarterly report of your costs.

You can drive your own car and possibly have it run by GP Elite Engineering, but GP Elite also offers specially prepared rental cars. In both cases, the car is prepared for you per training or event according to the Arrive & Drive principle. Let your GP Elite Season Coach advise you on this. Together you make a plan that perfectly matches your motorsport dream.

Full season package

Your personal motorsport dream is the starting point for a Season package. GP Elite believes in a solid structure, suitable for the level of a driver. We determine the personal motivation and goals per rider based on a consultation.

This results that our Season coach puts together a tailor-made program with a well thought-out structure and targeted approach that guarantees both your progression towards your goals and driving pleasure.

  • Consulation with inventory of your dreams and goals
  • Personal season coach to ensure reaching your goals throughout the year
  • Guidance apart from on training days
  • File based on your goals
  • Consultation GP Elite Engineering (for example to help you buy or sell a (race) car)
  • Financial report every quarter of the year
  • Smoother cancellation policy
  • Invites for exclusive Season only events
  • GP Elite clothing
  • First choice on GP Cars
  • First choice on trainer

Tell us your motorsport dream and join our like-minded group of Season drivers