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Race and rally cars

Love for cars

We build, maintain and prepare track, race and rally cars. Besides our own rental cars from GP Cars and factory race cars of Team GP Elite, others can let us run their cars too. We take care of your beloved car and we have the experience and the right knowledge to service your car at the highest level. 

With our additional arrive & drive services like transportation, storage, spanner checks and maintenance of race and rally cars you can enjoy your car totally carefree. For each event your car is always ready to run and completely checked and cleaned. In the end we want a driver to enjoy the car to the fullest.

Enjoy the most

Our carefree approach has one end goal in mind: any owner should be solely focussed on driving. As a one-stop-shop GP Elite Engineering arranges storage, transportation to events and the desired modifications and upgrades to an owner’s car. After each event our team cleans the car inside and out. A spanner check follows. All components are being checked and tightened if necessary. 

We help drivers from A to Z with the highest possible standards in mind. Safety is our number one priority. On a cost-plus basis we offer mechanical preventive maintenance to keep a car turn-key for each following event. Our goal is to keep a car on point so a driver can enjoy the benefits of the finest qualities the car has to offer.

More information about our services

If you have any questions about the possibilities and services we can offer, please get in contact with our engineer below, or use the inquiry form. Please let us know the car in question and what purpose you have in mind for it. 

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