Prodrive Subaru 'Replica'

Project Prodrive Subaru "Replica"

This Subaru has been rebuilt by us as a Prodrive replica. Tribute is perhaps a better term to describe this one-of-a-kind project. The result is an astonishing driver's car that really pleases the owner on his outings. Even though the best possible driver's experience was the goal here it is a treat to look at as well, both in motion and completely still. 


This Subaru has been full restored and modified to pay tribute to Prodrive, who was successful with these types of Subaru in rallying during the 90s. 

We've completely stripped down the chassis which was then reinforced before we started the build. Many rare and bespoke parts have been used for this project. The engine has been improved in a way that it offers a perfect mix of drivability and high performance. The chassis is now perfectly balanced after it was fitted with new suspension components. A corner weight allignment was the finishing touch after we've set up this car as purposeful as it could be. This car's handling and performance are a perfect match.  


Prodrive Subaru Replica

  • Fully restored
  • True driver's car
  • Prodrive tribute
  • Better than new

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