The key is in the details

When petrolheads are discussing modern classics, cars from the 80s till 00s speed up the discussions. This era is known for the homologation versions of race and rally cars for the road. Each one got its own characteristics. Accounting and marketing departments had little influence on the development process, while this in most cases was done by the motorsport departments. Engineers got a blank canvas to create the ultimate road car. At GP Elite Engineering we offer the opportunity to restore these unique ‘youngtimers’ to their former glory, but we aren’t limited to the original specifications in case an owner wants to add better performance, extra safety and a finer road handling.

Boyhood dreams on wheels

  • Rebuilt your boyhood dream
  • Better than original
  • Customized to your needs
  • From our love for cars
  • Every single detail counts
  • Bespoke projects
  • True drivers cars

Pure driving pleasure

Passion for perfection

To modify or to fully restore an already great car should at all times be focussed on maximizing the driving pleasure. We’re talking about boyhood dreams here. With the right attention to detail even the best cars of their era can be improved by using modern technologies. From our experience in previous projects and for the love of great driver cars we’re dedicated to take cars to the next level.   

If possible we use a reinforced chassis as a starting point. A stiffer platform with improved torsional rigidity will highlight modifications even more. Because handling will be improved by installing better suspension components and a proper set up which can include a full alignment with corner weight adjustment, we are also able to do other modifications. There’s a lot to win with brake systems, engines and even drivetrains to improve overall performance, usability and reliability. Drive to perfection is our motto and we go far to reimagine these modern classics so drivers can and will enjoy them for a very long time. 

Better than new

Each youngtimer project of any size will be executed with an eye for detail so we will fulfill the driver's specific needs. From fully original and in-period correct restorations and rebuilds to complete bespoke builds with more modern, upgraded and modified components we aim for better than new youngtimers when finished. 


We work with the best partners and suppliers in the market, but we do all projects completely in-house. By doing so we can underwrite that a project is executed from A till Z on the highest level. From our experience we know that any driver’s car starts with a full vehicle inspection. If you have a (new) project to start with, ask us to carry out a technical inspection for a better starting point. 

Also smaller projects like a full gearbox rebuild or the installation of new suspension components or performance parts will be carried out by our experienced engineering team.

Homologation Specials

For the street

Almost any self-respecting car manufacturer who was active in motorsports between 1980 and 2000 offered their version of a homologation special to the market. This was high tide for the analog driver’s car and the beginning of digitizing sports, race and rally cars. Some street versions didn’t really differ that much from the real race and rally cars by their looks and even performance. This period was a feast for petrolheads of any kind. With today's knowledge our team at GP Elite Engineering offers owners of these “youngtimers” the opportunity to create an even better, more reliable, safer and therefore even finer version of their car.

From limited edition to replica

Check our project page below to see the different projects we worked on. Do you happen to own a homologation special or other rare "youngtimer" which you use for spirited driving? And do you want to put the dots on the i? Or completely restore it? Or perhaps you’ve got the idea of having build a replica of your favorite race or rally car, but you want it finished in your favorite colour? 

We’re happy to realize your dream car

More information about our services

If you have any questions about the possibilities and services we can offer, please get in contact with the specialists below, or use the inquiry form. Please let us know the car in question and what purpose you have in mind for it. 

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