Rallytraining 2

GP Rally

Looking for the ultimate motorsports experience? Do we have the thing for you, fully organized with all included from flights, hotels, dinners, cars and trainers. During the evenings you can share your experiences with the other participants while enjoying dinner. Our Rally Training 2 is one of the most challenging and fun trainings in our entire program. Making jumps at speeds exceeding 140 kilometers per hour (between the trees) on snow and ice is an incredible experience. The speeds you’re actually capable of under these conditions will boggle your mind. That does mean however that his exclusive Finland based training is recommended only for experienced drivers with above average levels of skill.

Price € 7249

Facts about this training

Under the supervision of some of Finland’s best rally drivers, you will master techniques specific to rear and four wheel drive cars. This intensive training offers a steep, but rewarding learning curve. You can choose to drive a BMW 325i or a Subaru GR N, both in full rally trim. The cars are fitted with tires that have competition spikes offering stupendous amounts of grip on slick surfaces. This training duration is 4 days in total with an option to book an extra night at Helsinki afterwards. 

  • Every year
  • 2 days
  • Level 6
  • Training on rough terrain
  • Powered by Kevin Abbring!
  • 1 on 1 guidance by experience rally navigators
  • Very exclusive character
  • 11 hours driving time in 2 days
  • Extensive hospitality and lunch
  • Possibility to rent a prepared rally car
  • Free action photo's afterwards
  • Prior to training: Covid speed test at extra cost

Day 1

Gathering at Schiphol Airport
Arrival at Hotel
Diner in hotel

Day 2

Transfer to rally location
Start rally training
End of rally day 1
Diner in hotel

Day 3

Transfer to rally location
Start rally training
End of rally day 2
Transfer to Helsinki

Day 4

Transfer to airport
Arrival at Schiphol airport


Pick a car

BMW E30 325i Rally BMW logo

170 HP
1,000 KG
More info
BMW 328i Rally

BMW E36 328i Rally BMW logo

193 HP
1,200 KG
More info

BMW E36 M3 Rally BMW logo

300 HP
1,200 KG
More info

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