About the series

In case you just got a racing license, or if you lack a lot of experience in racing, than DNRT is a restrained and fun racing series that we would like to start off with. You can rent our BMW 130i to experience racing with likeminded drivers. Racing side by side instead of against each other. This is a perfect platform to develop your racing skills in a low-key environment. Here you can experience if the competion elements of racing will fit your personal needs as a driver. It's a perfect crossroad for drivers who are in doubt if they want to continue racing or if they'd rather stick to the freedom of track days and so. 

The ideal starting point

This step on the Autosport Ladder of GP Elite fits well for any driver with zero to limited racing experience. Because the DNRT offers both sprint and endurance races you can experience both. 

Team GP Elite takes care of a driver's own car or one of our rental race cars. In both cases the arrive and drive principles make it easier for a driver to fully focus on the racing itself. We'll help with all the procedures and things like the technical scrutineering. Our mechanics will take care of the setup and preparations. On request a drivers coach can be arranged. Together we want to have a good time and to make the most out of each racing event.

DNRT with GP Elite

  • First steps in racing
  • Low-key events
  • Great fun and lot's of respect
  • Arrive & Drive packages with BMW 130i
  • Ideale starting point
  • Racing together instead of against each other

Do you want to join this competition, or do you want more information?

Please get in contact and let's discuss the options for you.