BMW M3 Cup

About the series

In the BMW M3 Cup cars of the same type are used. This spec-competition takes place during the late afternoon and evening, which is great for drivers who want to race during the work week. Owners of an M3 Cup car can use the benefits of an experienced team in this class, or they can rent one of our BMW M3 Cup rental cars. With our full service approach includes transport, preparing the M3 and full track support. Drivers can focus on the driving.

This is great for the personal progression a driver is aiming for. Herefor we can also add a driver coach / engineer who can help with the data analysis. Each events consists two races after a free practice and qualifying session. Both races of 50 minutes require a pit stop, so two drivers can enter a race with one car. The level of competition is high and this makes it a perfect step after racing in the DNRT. 

Serious challenge

The BMW M3 Cup attracts very experienced drivers who battle at front. The cars are all the same and slick tyres are mandatory. This makes it a serious competition for drivers who wants to develop themselves and who will enjoy close competion. Our engineer and team of mechanics will make sure that the BMW M3 Cup is well-prepared and setup right for the conditions. 

BMW M3 Cup with GP Elite

  • High revving inline-6
  • Experienced drivers
  • Racing at night
  • Arrive & Drive with BMW M3 Cup
  • Highly skilled engineers
  • Perfect next step after DNRT
  • Two races of 50 minutes
  • A lot of track time

Do you want to join this competition, or do you want more information?

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